Fran Tirado

Previous Appearances

Fran is teaching a 2-hour seminar on how to build marketing, branding, and create viral interest around independent podcasting using tools in social media, newsletters, and strategy.

Union Docs Podcasting School
August 24

311 W. 20th
new york, NY

An interview with HBO writer and producer Travon Free put on by HBO.

Fran Tirado in Conversation with Travon Free
August 18

311 commercial st
PROVincetown, MA

Hello Mr. is working with HBO to take over Provincetown for one week, featuring a live show with Garrard Conley, Alexander Chee, and @LGBT_History, in partnership with INTO. Cocktails after.

Hello Mr LIVE with HBO
August 15

311 commercial st
PROVincetown, MA

A live podcast recording with Trish Bendix, put on by HBO.

Food 4 Thot LIVE with HBO
August 9

311 commercial st
PROVincetown, MA

A live podcast recording with Zach Stafford, put on by HBO.

Food 4 Thot LIVE with HBO
August 8

311 commercial st
PROVincetown, MA

Food 4 Thot is returning to its alma mater the Tin House Writer’s Retreat to produce a live show for the its residents and the general public.

Food 4 Thot LIVE at Tin House
July 18

Reed college
portland, or

With the iconiqué comedy podcast Las Culturistas, Fran will be performing a one-minute monologue railing against something in culture in their signature segment “I Don’t Think So Honey!”

I Don’t Think So Honey LIVE!
June 29

The bell house
brooklyn, ny

Big Queer Pod Fest
June 16

The bell house
brooklyn, ny

Working with the three biggest queer podcasts in the industry — Nancy, Making Gay History, and LBTQ&A, Food 4 Thot is producing one big show featuring a night of homo-shenanigans for pod-lovers and queer-lovers alike.

Talking about his work and advocacy in the queer community, Fran was invited to speak on this year’s Instagram Pride panel.

Instagram HQ Pride Panel
June 15

181 fermont
San Francisco, CA

For their inaugural Human Rights Conference, NYC Pride invited Fran to moderate a panel about the value of corporate partnerships for queer communities.

NYC Pride
June 14

SUNY Global Center

Mass Poetry Festival
May 4

A Food 4 Thot Live Show with Kaveh Akbar

Dance 4 Something Good
April 29

A Drag Fundraiser for AIDS/Lifecycle.

Yale Podcasting Conference
April 27

Explore More Conference
April 23-May 2

A conference for kink, identity, and play.

Food 4 Thot x Lit Crawl
April 23-May 2

A reading at Phluid, the world’s first genderless store.

Out in Tech Annual Conference
March 24

Moderating a panel on queer media voices.

March 22

Live taping a podcast telling a very embarrassing story at Caveat.

Harvard LGBTQ Conference
March 3

Giving remarks and speaking on a panel about new voices in queer media.

Greetings from Queer Mountain!
February 28

A speaker for an evening of storytelling on the theme of "addiction."

Reclaiming Hospitality: Community Arts and Activism
February 22

A workshop with Vassar on the importance of community in a time of peril.

Miss Manhattan Readings
February 5

Reading new work from my nonfiction essays.

Ace Hotel's Dear Reader
January 23

Curated by Tin House, alongside legends like Danez Smith, Jenna Wortham, and Jenny Zhang.

Food 4 Thot LIVE
January 22

A book release for Joseph Osmundson and fundraiser for Housing Works.

Talk! @TheMoxy
January 20

Moderating a talk on Sex Positivity for a bimonthly series.

PWA with Morgan Parker & Tommy Pico
Dec 18

Food 4 Thot LIVE
December 10

A launch party and live taping for the second season of my podcast at Ace Hotel New York.

Food 4 Thot LIVE
November 19

A live taping with Comedy Central start Joel Kim Booster for the inaugural Brooklyn Podcast Festival.

Diversity in Podcasting
November 18

A panel for BRIC Arts Media on diversity in the audio world.

Reimagining LGBTQ Activism
November 14

A panel moderated for Hello Mr. x DEED at the William Vale.

Making Gay History LIVE
November 4

A live taping and fundraiser for Hetrick Martin at the Stonewall Memorial for the Making Gay History podcast.

NYC LGBT Historic Sites Project
November 30

Gave a speech on the importance of history and advocacy in the age of Trump.

Food 4 Thot at Juilliard
October 18

In conversation for the Juilliard School and their initiative in Diversity and Education.

UnHappy Hour LIVE
October 25

Appeared on Matt Bellassai's live show with Heben Nigatu and Tracy Clayton for a live taping of a podcast at WNYC.

Queer Histories & Queer Futures
August 3

In conversation with @LGBT_History on the importance of archiving queer culture.

LIVE with @LGBT_History
June 28

A discussion for Hello Mr, W Hotels, and the Washington DC Equality March.

LIVE with Raymond Braun
June 7

In conversation with activist Raymond Braun on social media activism for Hello Mr.

Diversity in Fashion & Media
May 30

Appeared to comment for Mic TV to talk about queer and brown representation in fashion and media.

Food 4 Thot LIVE
May 23

A taping of my podcast at Ace Hotel New York.