"We're not just a community. We are many communities, and subcultures and sub-subcultures, and it' not fair we only get to see a small handful of those representations."




“Pride is more often than not a bullshit corporate-run capitalist institution, so instead of slapping a rainbow on shit, we teamed up with independent queer POC-owned Greenboxshop to design a line of tees just for y’all, with a queer-only modeling cast. 100% of our profit goes to Trans Law Center.”




“In 2018, representation and inclusion are not the exception, they’re the expectation,” Tirado said in an interview with Mic. “We are no longer going to give brands a cookie simply for ‘showing up,’ because showing up is the bare minimum requirement. If we don’t hold brands accountable to a higher standard, they will continue to profit on the commodification of our identities using half-baked ideas that fail to nuance the everyday queer experience and end up communicating very little for our cause.”



Gay Times

“I am very lucky and flattered that people within my audience refer to what I do as 'activism,’ but I myself do not think of it as activism, and I will never call myself an ‘activist.’ Last year, I quit my full-time advertising job, not to become an activist, but because any time spent not doing what I do now — giving voice to the queer community, creating space for queer voices, advocating for queer change, curating multiplicity of queer perspective, and researching/documenting the lives of queer people — felt like wasted time [...]”